Sunday, July 20, 2014


708 Gilman St. @ The Tannery
All Ages - Wheelchair Accessible
Free Parking - Donations Accepted
Door 7:00PM - Film 7:30PM

08/15 - Superbug, Super Agent (1972)16mm/Color/Sound/91 min.
08/16 - LOOP Presents: Cheap Thrills! (16mm/Color/Sound/80 min.)


08/17 - California Straight Ahead (1925) Super8/B&W/Silent/Musical Accompaniment/80 min.
Complications are inevitable for Tom Hayden and Betty Brown. They are engaged to be married, and their fathers are Thomas Hayden, Sr., the "money king and builder of the world's fastest racing cars," and Jeffrey Brown, "his bitterest rival, whose ambition is speedway supremacy." Reginald Denny has the lead in this especially hilarious comedy-thriller as a scapegrace son who loses his sweetheart when he cuts up a few devilish didoes. 

Director: Harry A. Pollard (as Harry Pollard)
Writers: Byron Morgan, Harry A. Pollard
Stars: Reginald Denny, Gertrude Olmstead, Tom Wilson 

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